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Turn your photos into videos accompanied by your favorite songs

Turn your photos into videos accompanied by your favorite songs

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Program license: Free

Program by: Flipagram, inc.

Works under: Windows

Also available for Android


Program license

(120 votes)


Program by

Flipagram, inc.

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Flipagram is a unique and entertaining piece of software that helps you turn your digital pictures into fun video clips. This app essentially lets you create dynamic slideshows with catchy soundtracks and unique transitions. Flipagram doesn’t have all of the same features as a professional video editing program, but it is a handy option if you want to create short clips on the fly. For those who want to connect with their friends and loved ones, Flipagram also has a social media feature that lets you find other users, share videos, and search for specific hashtags.

After downloading and installing this app, you will need to create an account and change some settings. The most important setting is the list of scraping locations. Before you create your first video, you will need to connect Flipagram to some of your other social media accounts. You can also give this app access to your computer’s or smartphone’s local media files. Flipagram can pull photos from your personal Facebook page, your friends’ Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, SD cards, and local hard drives.

Once you have selected a handful of photos, you will need to edit all of those files individually. Much like Instagram, you can add filters, zoom in, and crop all of your pictures. You must then place them in the correct order and set a transition time. Text can be added to the pictures as well, but you should stick to single words and short phrases. The final step in this process is adding background music to the video.

There are a few different ways to add music to your favorite Flipagram clips. Any audio files that you have on your phone or computer can be set as the background music. If you want to use songs that you don’t already own, then you can download free 30-second clips. Advanced users also have the option of syncing their slideshows with their background songs. The pictures can transition at certain points in the song or speed up as the tempo increases.

This program is essentially Instagram for videos, and it is a good piece of software for those who want to try out something new. Getting used to the controls is going to take some time, but you will eventually be able to produce eye-catching videos in a matter of minutes. If you want to make the most out of this app, then you will need to invite all of your friends as well.


  • Create eye-catching slideshows
  • Unique social network
  • Use your own music


  • Flipagram stores all of your photos indefinitely
  • Lag can impact video quality